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INTAS Workshop “Complete Spectroscopy of Water”, 20-22 May, 2004, N.Novgorod, Russia


20.05.04 Thursday:
9.30 Registration
Chair J. Tennyson
10.00 Welcome by Director of Nonlinear Dynamics and Optics Department Correspondent Member of RAS Alexander M. Sergeev (IAP)
10.10 A.Campargue (UNIJFG). High sensitivity CW-CRDS and ICLAS spectroscopy of water in atmospheric spectral windows.
10.50 L.Sinitsa (IAO). Experimental work on water in Tomsk.
11.20 Coffee break

Chair L Sinitsa
11.30 J.Tennyson (UCL). The variational method for rotation-vibrational calculations.
12.10 N.Zobov (IAP). Assignment of hot water spectra.
12.30 M. Tretyakov (IAP) Modern possibilities of water vapour microwave spectroscopy in Nizhny Novgorod.
13.00 Lunch

Chair A Csaszar
14.15 O.Naumenko (IAO). Assignment of water vapor spectrum from the near IR up to visible spectral region
14.45 S.Shirin (IAP). Fitting of potential energy surfaces of water isotopomers 
15.05 B.Voronin (IAO). Analysis of the HDO absorption spectrum between 6000 and 7000 cm-1
15.25 Coffee break

 Chair O Polyansky
16.00 A.Bykov (IAO). Euler series transformation method in the triatomic molecules VR energy level calculations
16.30 A. Fazliev (IAO). Project of the distributed informational system on molecular spectroscopy.
16.50 A.Burenin (IAP) Title to be announced
20.00 Conference dinner

21.05.04 Friday;
Chair A Campargue
10.00 A.Csaszar (ELTE). Ab initio studies of small molecules.
10.45 N.Lavrentieva (IAO). Semiempirical H2O half widths calculations.
11.05 R.Tolchenov (UCL). Determining the profile of strong water lines at visible and near infrared wavelengths.
11.25 Coffee break

Chair J Tennyson
12.00 O.Polyansky(IAP). High accuracy variational calculations of water spectra.
12.30 E.Polovtseva (IAO). High resolution Fourier transform spectrum of H2S in the 5700- 7900 cm-1 region.
12.50 Lunch

14.15 Microwave laboratory tour.

16.00 INTAS collaboration: meeting of Senior Researchers

18.00 Institute Reception

22.05.04 Saturday;
Conference outing

UCL is University College London (United Kingdom).
IAO is Institute of Atmospheric Optics, SB RAS, Tomsk (Russia).
UNIJFG is Universite Joseph Fourier de Grenoble (France).
ELTE is Eotvos University, Budapest (Hungary).
IAP is Institute of Applied Physics, RAS, Nizhny Novgorod (Russia).

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